Create Kerb Appeal

Create Kerb Appeal

First impressions last and that’s definitely the case when you’re trying to sell your property. Adding to your home’s kerb appeal is a must before you start taking house viewings, as it enhances the overall impression that potential buyers get when they turn up outside your home. Many buyers decide if they want the house before they step inside and their initial impression will colour all the other judgements they make about your house.

There are a number of ways you can spruce up your home before you put it on the market. First of all you need to remove any reasons buyers might find not to buy and then add some positive impressions to help make you home more appealing. Have a read of the tips below for more ideas.

Looked After?

Stand opposite your house and look at it critically. Does your home look in good condition and well maintained? If not buyers are likely to assume that a shabby front means shabby everything and will assume they need lots of time and money to improve the condition of the house inside and out. Clear away rubbish trim overgrown trees and shrubs, make sure the front of your house is weed free and tidy. If one of your neighbours has a messy garden consider offering to help tidy it up.

Making a Grand Entrance

Your front door is one of the first things a buyer is going to notice, so it’s important that you turn this into a focal point. Opt for a door that fits in with the style of your home but also offers the security that many potential buyers will be looking for. Oak doors are great for traditional properties while doors with large glazing panels are great for contemporary homes. A simple fresh coat of paint and a good clean of the steps and any surrounding glazing can be enough to transform your frontage.

Adding Flair to Your Entrance

Have you got a property name or number hung up at the front of your house that’s been there for as long as you can remember? Now’s the time to remove it and replace it with something that’s in keeping with your home’s décor. Be bold with door knockers, letter boxes and handles to add a quirky, appealing touch to the property. Make sire your remove or replace anything that looks broken, rusty or has peeling paint.

Updating Your Tired-Looking Windows

You may be trying to keep the original features of the house but if your windows are out of date, shabby and let in the cold it will be a huge turn off for buyers. They will assume they need to replace all the windows and expect to see a large reduction in your price as a result. There are plenty of companies (like Mighton, for example) who offer modern sash windows that still retain all the charm of traditionally designed ones. Opting for double or tripled glazed windows won’t just give your property a fresh look but will also help to keep your home better insulated – a huge plus point with buyers. It can be expensive so consider just replacing a few important and highly visible windows, if you want some idea of how much difference it can make just through this gallery.

Transforming Your Home with Plants

Updating your property so it boasts plenty of kerb appeal doesn’t have to involve spending lots of money. Simple touches like planting new flowers in your garden or putting hanging baskets up can transform your home in an instant, offering a vibrant, inviting touch for all your visitors. Perennials are great for getting blooms year after year while lavender and other herbs are easy to maintain in smaller pots. It’s a good idea to check when the plants are in bloom so you can be sure to get the most out of them when prospective buyers are visiting your property. You can invest in an evergreen shrub in an attractive plot because you can always take it with you when you move.

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