DIY Apps

DIY Apps

Not everyone is a natural when it comes to DIY, in fact the majority aren’t. That’s why DIY Tips brings you a steady stream of helpful information. Whether you’re looking for information about how to use a drill or you want to improve the security of your garage door, we provide you with all the information you need delivered in a simple to follow format.

The Handy Man App
The Handy Man App
As far as DIY goes; even the most experienced are continually learning. New tools and materials become available and we try different techniques as our properties get older or we move. That’s why digital content platforms (like this website) are increasingly being used to provide an additional source of information and training. Thanks to the advent and popularity of mobile apps, DIY enthusiasts don’t just have websites and television programs as their only source of information. In 2013 there were approximately 1.2 billion people using apps. This figure is predicted to grow with the increase in Smartphone usage globally, to around 17% of the world’s population according (source PocketFruity’s). Gone are the days of lugging huge reference manuals around, now all you need is a mobile phone and you can access precise technical know how exactly when and where you need it most.

There are thousands of relevant apps out there from simple ones that just deliver a website in a format suitable for mobile screens to specific tools developed to help tradesmen calculate materials usage onsite. Where do you begin? We thought we would describe five interesting DIY apps so you could get a flavour for what’s out there. All these apps are available to download from the App Store and Google Play. If you want to browse for apps our advice is to use Google Play as their search is much better and their layout much easier to scan. Once you have found a specific app you want to download you can search for its name in the App Store.

Handy Man DIY

This is the perfect app for people who struggle to manage their DIY projects properly. It helps the user organise schedules, log materials you need, gives advice on the perfect materials and services along with a raft of information. On top of this it has a series of video tutorials and external links to YouTube. It also possesses an extensive database that you can search when in need of advice on particular tools, services, surfaces, appliances and much more.

Houzz Interior Design

An app designed to help the consumer get, well, inspired when it comes to improving ones decor. It’s one of the most popular interior design apps on the market and is available on both iPhone and Android. Why is it so popular? It has over 1.5 million images of interiors for all tastes brought to you by some of the world’s leading designers and artistic homeowners. One of its major selling points apart from the useful information it imparts to its users is the extensive user base it has created. Over 1.5 million people use the app monthly and share their interior design images online within its community of users. We are on Houzz all day – it’s a great companion to our more technical content.

DIY Recycled Crafts

DIY Recylced Crafts
DIY Recylced Crafts
This app contains some serious projects – not just how to make a plant pot from a plastic bottle but how to build a chair from an oil drum! Most of these projects will need some forward planning and some level of care of skill but the end result is something stylish and individual.

Home DIY with Craig Phillips

Forget about the man behind the app for a minute before you right it off. Firstly, it’s free and secondly, even if this polarizing ex-Big Brother contestant is a tad annoying, the app is very good especially for the novice DIY combatant. Chockfull of video and walk-through tutorials, Home DIY is the ultimate resource for all the menial tasks you will have to do around the house at some point such as titling, wallpapering or laying carpet.

1000 DIY Ideas

This has over 1000 pictorial guides of different DIY and craft projects. Although this app is not the best in terms of its layout it is a fantastic place for ideas for simple projects. Bored or got a house full of kids on a rainy day? Then put their energy to use with something creative or just plain useful.

Author Bio: Paul Drivot: Paul has worked in construction for the last 30 years after leaving University and working for the family company. After taking the reins from his father 10 years ago, Paul manages projects all over the UK. In his spare time, Paul contributes to a host of websites and enjoys spending time with his two sons.

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