Easy Mortar

Easy Mortar

Traditionally, mixing and preparing mortar or concrete is a messy and labour intensive process. This can be particularly off-putting for the casual DIYer as they are unlikley to have a spare wheelbarrow or chip board off-cut suitable for mixing. The cost of buying something to mix on, and the effort involved in cleaning up after mixing, can prevent you from starting some simple and rewarding DIY tasks.

We have just come across a “mix in the bag range” from U-CAN which we think is brilliant. We can’t beleive this idea is new to us; it’s simple but really practical. No buying seperate ingredients, working out how much you need of each, messy mixing and then cleaning up waste. U-CAN advertise that you can mix their product in one minute but we found it took a bit longer for someone (who was not super strong) to mix it really well. However it is still a lot quicker than the traditional method of using a spade to turn over your mixture on a spare bit of wood!

For more information on the U-CAN range you can visit www.u-can.tv/blog. If you want to buy it you have to go to B&Q. If you don’t have a store near you – just go online; www.diy.com.

How To Do It

Shake to loosen 1. Place the bag on a level surface and shake to loosen the powder.
Add water 2. Add 2.5 litres of clean water. Squeeze the bag to remove all excess air.
Mix bag 3. Replace the cap. Turn the bag over and knead the product in the bag for around 60 seconds or until it’s fully mixed. Mixing the mortar in the bag is key to cutting out the traditionally messy part of the process.
Open the bag 4. Cut along the line printed on the bag and open the top so the mortar can be easily removed.
Cover to set 5. Use the mortar straight from the bag. Once laid, cover the mortar with plastic until set.
You are done 6. Admire the completed job!
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