Electrical Safety Council

Electrical Safety Council

In 2014 the Electrical Safety Council changed its name to Electrical Safety First.

Electrical Safety First
The New Logo
Electrical Safety Council
The Old Logo

This organisation is a registered charity formed to reduce the number of electrical accidents in UK homes. The organisation has representatives on important UK and EU committees that create the regulations for electricity safety in our homes. In addition they run campaigns to raise awareness about the risks associated with domestic electricity and best practices. In addition they fund a number of safety schemes.

Why They Are Useful To You

The website is well laid out, easy to use and is comprehensive so if you want to know more then just visit them here. Their website has some helpful pages and resources including the following;

1. Find a registered electrician. There are lots of schemes electricians can register with to prove their competency like ESC, ECA and Competent Person scheme. The Electricity council provides a useful page which links to these schemes and lets you search for registered electricians in your area.

2. How safe is your home? They publish a useful guide on domestic electricity to help you understand how it works what the dangers are, what to look for and who to go to for help.

3. They have an educational section with information, images and videos that show you exactly what things like fuse boxes and RCD’s look like and how to use them.  They also publish information on first aid and a guide for landlords.

4. They publish a socket overload calculator so you can easily work out if your sockets are overloaded and dangerous.


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