Fitting Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are great for adding a little style to any living or dinning space. Although a number of places offer a good quality Roman Blind fitting those with some DIY knowledge shouldn’t find it too daunting a task to install them yourself.

If you’re going to install a Roman blind you first need to establish where you will be able to fit the blinds head rail. Generally you will want to attach it inside the window casing however if it does not fit you can also hang it on the wall above or even the ceiling so that the blinds fall over the window casing.

Once you know where you are attaching the head rail you need to establish what material the surface is. If the surface is wooden you should be able to attach the blinds using only the screws provided with the blind. If the surface is concrete you should use a carbide drill and anchor. For metal surfaces use short metal screws. When attaching to wallboard or plastic use toggle bolts or wall anchors.

Other equipment you will need includes:

  • Mounting hardware that should be included with the blind
  • Screws that should be included with blind
  • Screw driver
  • Drill bits (sized as advised by blind instructions)
  • Spirit level
  • Tape measure
  • Safety glasses

If you are installing the blind inside the window frame, hold the head rail at the top of the window frame and use your spirit level to ensure it is level. If it is not use shims to adjust it until it is level. Then try pulling the blind fully down make sure it can cover the window unobstructed. If this is not immediately possible make all adjustments needed until it can be. Once the blind can be fitted accurately, drill pilot holes through the small holes in the head rail then attach the head rail with the appropriate fastener.

If you are attaching the blind over the window casing you must first attach a mounting bracket to the wall outside of the window frame. Ensure both brackets perfectly line up as you attach them. Then hold the head rail in place where you intend to attach it. Mark the holes for the screws with a pencil then drill pilot holes in these places. Install the screws, then position the head rail so the bracket posts fit through the slots. Then firmly attach the head rail with a wing nut.

Once your blinds are hung you can adjust their height by pulling the cord then tugging it to the left to lock it into position. If the blinds don’t hang evenly you may need to adjust the pulley system found behind the valance, the chords should be perfectly aligned.

This should successfully install your Roman blind.

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