How To DIY

How To DIY

Some people were luckily enough to have a Dad or Granddad with the time and expertise to each them useful DIY skills – from how to use power tools, to mix concrete, wallpaper and paint. However many of us did not have this opportunity and have to pay other people to perform even simple DIY jobs which is often expensive and can result in low quality work.

But if you are a total novice how can you start to gain the knowledge and skills to allow you to break into DIY?

You tube

I am a computer nerd and although I will refer to books – see later – my first point of call is always the internet. I think that YouTube is a brilliant resource. There are vast quantities of instructional videos that cover pretty much any DIY job mainly produced by American companies to advertise their product ranges. But do not let this put you off, they are informative, high quality and touch on the tools & products you need to complete the job. There are some UK companies who have also taken the time to produce a whole range of instructional DIY videos, for example see how good this one is which talks you through replacing a tap.

Books & DVD’s

YouTube is great but may not provide the detail and all round grounding that you are after. For this there is nothing better than a book to refer to. There are some excellent DIY handbooks out there, make sure you read their reviews and ratings to make sure the style of book will be right for you before you buy. Try the following titles.

Collins Complete DIY Manual
An excellent manual that always receives good reviews from users. It covers tools, equipment, electrics, plumbing, the latest building regulations, solar heating and loads more. It’s been in print for years and is regularly updated to keep it current.

Master Basic DIY: Teach Yourself
A well laid out and easy to follow guide for DIY beginners.

Housebuilders Bible
This is a book for those attempting more ambitious projects. Its users all say that you should never embark on a major build project without having read it first. It goes through the planning and costing phases in detail and highlights potential problems meaning you are always prepared.

The best way to learn is to start doing some basic jobs around the house. You will build up the skills, tools and confidence to take on increasingly large and complicated jobs. If you have a knowledgeable mate, get them round to oversea and by then a pizza for their trouble. If all your friends are as clueless as you then invite them round anyway so you can learn together.

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