How to Maintain Your Parquet Floor

How to Maintain Your Parquet Floor

A parquet floor is a traditional form of wooden flooring that has fallen out of fashion in recent decades, but is coming back into favour now. It’s back in demand, even though its simple, elegant beauty should never have gone away! So, if you’re thinking of installing parquet flooring, or you’ve just moved into a property that has some, you’ll want to know how to look after it so it stays looking beautiful for many years to come.

Prevention is better than the cure

Getting repairs and restoration for a damaged parquet floor isn’t cheap, so you’re best advised to avoid scratches and dents in the first place. You should never wear high heels on parquet floors; in fact, outdoor shoes full stop should be a no-no. Wearing outdoor shoes brings in dirt, sand, dust and other small abrasive particles that can scratch and wear the floor – they get ground in as people walk around. Make sure there are heavy-duty door mats at all entry points and make sure everyone uses them. You should also clean these mats frequently too, so that you’re not collecting as much dirt as you’re wiping off!

Clean the floor regularly

You’ll need to clean your parquet floor once a day or at least every couple of days, to avoid dirt and grit building up on the surface. You need to use a very soft brush, broom or vacuum cleaner to remove surface dirt. Never use a wet mop or cloth on a parquet floor as this can cause warping over time. If your kitchen has parquet flooring, cover high traffic areas and the areas next to sinks and appliances like washing machines and dishwashers with a rug. If you spill food or drink, clean it up immediately, as some foods will stain and water will soak in, causing warping.

Don’t use generic floor cleaners

A common – and understandable – mistake that lots of people make with their parquet floor is to use generic floor cleaners on it. The sorts of cleaners that are all-purpose, good for lino, ceramic tiles and so on. These preparations won’t be any good for your floor at all. Take the time to talk to a parquet flooring specialist to find out the best cleaners to use and whatever you do, don’t use harsh detergents or scouring pads on it!

Take extra care when moving and placing heavy objects

If you can avoid moving heavy objects around on your parquet flooring, then do so. This includes furniture or appliances with sharp or angular edges. If you do need to move heavy objects around, make sure you take measures to protect the floor – place thick, soft mats or blankets underneath the object and take your time. Check to ensure the mat is still there. If possible, lift the item rather than drag it, getting in help whenever necessary. Before furniture is in place, the legs and bases should have plastic pads affixed to the bottoms to help to prevent denting and scratching in the future.

What To Do If Your Floor Is Damaged

This all depends on how localized and how bad the damage is. Small burns or stains and chips can be sanded and resealed or one or a few bloacks replaced. If a large area is woror discoulored or has become uneven you can hire a floor sander. This will strip off the top layer of dirt revealing beautiful smooth wood. Simply reseal and there you have it!

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