How to personalise your home on a budget

How to personalise your home on a budget

Want to personalise your home? Not sure how to go about it? Then read on to discover a few ideas for how you can add a personal touch to your home without breaking the budget.

Get crafty

Want to add a personal touch to your home? Then get creative to add style that’s one of a kind to your home. Patchwork, knitting and crochet can all be used to add chic soft furnishings and accessories to your home, from cushions to throws and more.  If you are new to crafting there’s lots of advice available online including helpful craft tutorials. Also take a make do and mend approach to upcycling existing pieces in your home with paint, decoupage or fabric.

Vintage chic

Give your home an idiosyncratic style by adding elements of vintage chic, scour local charity shops, car boot sales, auctions and architectural salvage yards for distinctive pieces for your home. Interiors with an industrial look have been popular recently, and it’s a trend which shows no sign of going away. Light fittings, work tables and cable spools – could all add an industrial edge to your interiors. Moreover, if you’re lucky enough to find vintage shop fittings such as sets of draws from ironmongers or haberdashers, you’ll have stylish and practical pieces of furniture to add to your home. Alternatively, look out for pieces of vintage G-plan or ercol furniture for some mid-century style.

Paint effects

Try out different paint effects to give your home a new look, try rag rolling, stippling or marbling. If you’re handy with a paint brush and eager to let your inner artist out, then consider painting a trompe l’oeil effect on a wall. Remember you could simply project an image onto a wall and paint around it – you don’t need to be a great artist to have a go at this. So get your paint brushes out and get creative.


Create a gallery effect on a wall in your home by putting up lots of small picture frames, filling them with family photos, art, embroidery work, pieces of vintage wallpaper or even pretty gift-wrap.

Alternatively group several mirrors together, in different shapes and sizes to reflect light and add a distinctive focal point to a room. You can find mirrors at affordable prices in charity shops or on the high street often in a vintage-inspired style.

Revamp your windows

Revamping the way your windows look doesn’t have to be expensive. You could personalise your home by giving your windows a new look, with a fresh coat of paint or by simply dressing them differently. Use voile panels to give your windows a fresh, subtle look while keeping light levels high.

Alternatively, simply frame your windows differently by tying back your existing curtains in a new way – look out for distinctive pieces of cord, braid or ribbon, or a coordinating fabric to change their look. If you have a larger budget, consider installing or updating your patio doors to transform a reception room in your home. By installing patio doors you’ll increase the natural light levels in your home and bring the outdoors indoors, so you can enjoy your garden whatever the weather.

So there you have a few ideas on how to personalise your home – now all you need to do is get started.

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