Lawn Mower Maintenance

Lawn Mower Maintenance

While it’s not as much of a necessity while it’s still cold and wet, you’re going to need to start working on your lawn soon. After a long, rainy winter your grass will start growing once the weather warms up and the sun comes out (and hopefully stays out). Before you know it, the grass will be lush, thick and ready for a trim. There’s a good chance you haven’t touched your mower since the Autumn, so it’s smart to start it up to make sure everything is in order. You don’t want to go out for that first cut of the season only to have your engine sputter and fail.

Here are a few tips you can follow to keep your lawnmower in great condition and ensure the best care for your lawn this spring.

Sharpen the Blades

This is something that most people never think of, and even fewer actually do. Just like any other tools, your lawnmower will eventually go dull without proper care. You’d be surprised at the world of difference a set of freshly sharpened blades will make the next time you go to mow your lawn. Luckily, this is an easy job you can do at home with just a few tools like a file and clamp, and you can have your blades nice and sharp in no time. When it comes to gardening, you want to work smarter, not harder—making sure all your gear is in top shape definitely qualifies as smarter.

Change the Oil

Just like with your car, it pays to know how to check the oil on your lawnmower and change it regularly. Ideally, you should change the oil every 20-50 hours of use or at least once a season. However, be sure to know exactly what kind of oil your mower uses. Unlike gas, most lawnmowers cannot use the same motor oil as cars and using the wrong oil could cause serious damage to your mower.

Repair the Ripcord

If you have an old push mower then you’ve probably been there before. When trying to start the mower, the pull cord breaks and snakes right back into the hole. This is probably one of the most common problems you’ll run into with your mower, but replacing a starter rope is pretty easy. Should you find yourself in this position, simply take a screwdriver and remove the top cover of your lawnmower and install a new pull rope. It’s a fairly intuitive process but there are also loads of helpful guides online to help you along the way. This can be done in a matter of minutes and save a lot of potential frustration.

Find a New Lawnmower

Sometimes, you might be past the point of no return. If your mower was left outside in the rain for extended periods of time, it might be time to get that upgrade you’ve always wanted. While it’s possible to find a small motor repair place to fix it, this can be expensive and you’re often better off buying a new mower. There are a lot of options out there and it’s important to pick the right mower for your garden. It’s also important to remember that the bigger the lawn, the bigger your mower should be and you should consider how much you want to be walking. A standard self-propelled push mower should work well for most gardens, but if you have some serious property, you might want to consider investing in a riding mower.

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