New Ways to Heat Your Home

New Ways to Heat Your Home

British Winters are cold and damp and this means we increasingly rely on central heating to keep us cosy. However central heating is expensive and not very green so what other ways can we remain warm and be a bit greener?

There are lots of alternative ways to heat your home however for some strange reason not many poeple know about them.

Infrared Heater
Infrared Heater

Infrared Heaters
These can be used to heat a single room or a whole house. They are economical because the the infrared heats just the objects in the room not the air itself. Conventional central heating needs air to transfer the heat from the radiators to you, the walls and furniture. They also mostly rely on water to heat the radiator. So you are paying to heat lots of water and all the air in your home before you feel the benefit of the heat yourself. Infrared heaters transfer heat directly from their panels to your body, furniture and floors – all of which store heat better than air. Another benefit to these heaters is that they come in lots of shapes sizes and colours meanign they fit better into your home than a tired old radiator. Indeed some are actually beautiful to look at. These heaters can be fitted behind a mirror and can camoflage themselves as pictures. The picture is of an infrared heater pretending to be a picture of a flower.

Inverter Heatpumps
These devices porvide air conditioning and heating so they work wonders in rooms which get really hot in summer too. They can produce savings of up to 70% on the costs of conventional heating systems. They do this primarily by transfering heat around rather than generating it from electricity or oil. However get expert advice before buying as the choice fo pump for your local climate is essential to get the systems to run effectivley and efficently. You can also get lots of different air filters for these units to remove dust and allergens from your home.

Reducing Damp
Wet air takes a great deal more energy to heat – the hotter the air the more water is attracted and the more expensive it is to heat your home. So a great partner to any heating system is a dehumidifying one. Small solar panels can be fitted to your home that heat air and push this hot dry air into your home and suck out the cold damp air. These systems work when you are not there so are great to keep holiday homes and rental properties air and damp free. They are really easy to fit and they do not even need and electrical connection.

Be A Better User
Every year I dread Christmas partly because we, as the youngest in our families, have to travel round everyone else’s house rather than host anything in our own. Living out of a case is not something I enjoy but even worse is being subjected to everyones central heating. It seems that we all feel the need to walk round in shorts and tshirts in deepest darkest Winter rather jeans, socks and jumpers. The quantity of energy needed to maintain these temperatures is very high – especially as most of the British piblic seem to want to heat every room in the house even the ones they never use. So the best, easiest and cheapest way to go green and reduce your heating bill is to turn the flaming thermostat down and put on another layer!

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