Quick Transformations – Updated!

Quick Transformations – Updated!

You may yearn for a total refurbishment and re-jig of your home’s layout, but if your budget doesn’t allow for that kind of investment, there are plenty of more reasonably-priced ways to give your home a facelift. Below are just two ideas that will have a huge impact on the look of your home.

A fresh coat of paint

Uniformity can add a great deal of style to your home and while you may think that choosing similar colours throughout feels a bit boring, the overall effect will be more impressive than a collection of rooms decorated in different styles. The easiest way to transform your home is by repainting the walls and ceilings throughout, choosing shades from one colour palette. If you can find a paint colour that you like, buying a large quantity also makes the job cheaper!

If you want to investigate colour palettes a bit more and access some great online palette generators then refer to a couple of our other articles; how to come up with a colour scheme for a room or read about how colours effect one another and identify the different sorts of colour schemes you could choose.


Flooring can make a big difference to a room however it is normally expensive. There are some flooring options that are affordable and don’t require a specialist to fit. Rugs are a simple way of covering up tatty or unsightly flooring whilst adding some flair and colour. However, they are not always suitable on high traffic areas where they will stain quickly or curl up and trip unwary feet.

Garage Tile Pattern
Garage Tile Pattern

Hard wearing rubber tiles are a great alternative option. They are affordable, provide sound & heat insulation, they are very hard wearing and provide 100% coverage. Rubber floor tiles are made from highly resistant PVC material and usually come in 50cm x 50cm squares, that through an interlocking system, click into each other and with the help of a hammer can easily be fixated into place. Therefore they are easy to install yourself and you don’t need any special tools, underlay or glue.

They were originally designed for industrial spaces like garages, gyms and workshop floors however there is no reason not to use them in domestic settings. They come in a range of colours and you can even create your own custom patterns. They can quickly transform those parts of your home that are on the edges of being habitable – think dusty loft spaces and cold concrete garage flooring. Lay these tiles on top of those surfaces and you suddenly have a clean, warm and insulated surface that feels like it’s part of your living space. In a loft they will insulate sound from footsteps, music or the kids at play. Cover your garage floor with them and it will instantly transform the space into a room.

If, in the future, you do decide to replace the rubber floor tiles with an alternative flooring material you can simply lift the tiles and move them to a different place!

Garage Before Tiles
Garage Before Tiles
Garage After Rubber Tiles
Garage After Rubber Tiles

Change your doors

Another way to transform the overall look of your home is through choosing and hanging new internal doors. Many older houses have had a number of doors replaced over the years, and if you can start again with the same doors throughout, the whole house will feel more coordinated rather than a series of rooms that are simply joined together.

If you’re refurbishing an older property, it’s best to choose doors in the style of the original build. Doors are available in a huge range of different styles so it’s worth doing some research. Interiors blogs and online suppliers can be a great source of inspiration however many of them have really poor image handling so spend a bit of time finding a website that has lots of high quality images. Alternatively get some inspiration from the fantastic free resource that is Pinterest. If you don’t know what it is you are missing out so get on there and do some image searches.

Imaginative Doors
Imaginative Doors photo from Jeremy Levine Design

Changing a door between two rooms can also really change the feeling of space in a building. For instance, there are some great sliding doors today that can be fitted to divide two reception rooms into more intimate spaces or open them out into a bigger space ideal for entertaining. The more expensive sliding doors are called pocket doors – where the door recedes into a space in the wall, rather than being hung on one side of the wall.

Glazed or partially-glazed doors can also be very effective in changing the ambience in a home. If your house lacks natural light, then changing some of the doors to glazed ones will allow the available daylight to filter through into different rooms, and increase the feeling of space within your home.

Unique Finishing Touches
Unique Finishing Touches photo by DavyLandman

The price of doors today can vary enormously, but you’ll be able to find a style that you like and that suits your budget as long as you’re prepared to do some searching. You may need to compromise in the materials if your budget is limited, but you can enhance the look of a cheap door with careful choice of door furniture such as handles and hinges.

Most people would be confident enough to pick up a paintbrush and do the painting themselves, but hanging a new door is a different matter. If you aren’t confident in your ability to do so, you have a few options. Many companies offer a fitting service when you purchase your doors from them. Or you could call in a professional tradesman, who will get the job done in half the time it will take you, or learn how to hang a door yourself – there are plenty of video tutorials online.

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