Weird Insurance

Weird Policies

The insurance market in the UK is the largest in Europe and it seems there is nothing you can’t insure for or against. While we might have got used to insuring our car alloy’s and getting insurance to cover the advertising costs of lost pets there are some insurance policies out there that will be less familiar.

Did you know you can buy alien abduction, vampire bite and asteroid insurance? Members of the UK public have taken out policies against the physiological damage caused by England exiting early from the world cup and one lady insured herself against becoming ugly! Not to be outdone the wonderfully wacky rich and famous have also engaged in some pretty weird insurance. Ken Dodd insured his large front teeth for $7.4 million and an Australian Cricketer (Merv Hughes) insured his moustache for a whopping $370,000.

Insurance firms are always adapting to the market and developing new policies to meet modern needs. One company sells insurance for divorce and their website contains a ‘helpful’ divorce probability calculator which it says is 87% accurate (must be scientific then!).

Weird Claims

Of course there is more weirdness and hilarity to be had from the claims side of the insurance industry. There are loads of funny claim extracts all over the internet so we will not repeat them here. Jasper Carrot has condensed the best ones any way so take a look at the video below for a some light relief.

Craziest Fact Of All

Given our apparent addiction to insurance it is mad that 1 in 5 of us don’t have any insurance for our homes at all especially given that 10% of our properties have suffered damage in the last 5 years – that does not include losses due to burglaries either. So if you have not got any cover at all or if you are not sure what your policy covers you for, consider doing some research. Remember, not only do quality policies cover for losses caused by fires, floods, and theft but they also typically cover other useful areas like like the loss of food if a freezer defrosts and the costs of a locksmith should loose your keys.

Mad Ads

Insurers are as mad with their ads are they are with their policies. We have all enjoyed the series of insurance ads in the UK featuring a talking nodding dog and who can forget those meerkats. Its not only UK insurers who deliver entertaining ads, the rest of the world have some equally good ones. So to end on a high note here are some videos which will entertain you.

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