Editorial Review

DIY-tips.co.uk is an innovative and fast growing DIY blog in the UK. We are giving an opportunity for budding writers /editors to showcase their writing talent by submitting articles and pieces which will be featured on this site. Unique and high quality articles will be published for free with a credit.

We are accepting general articles on DIY, home improvement, interior design and gardens. We will not publish articles that are primarily promoting a company or product unless we have been told about a reader offer or competition. We will mention a company or product within the body of an article if we judge it would be of interest to our readers.

Commercial press releases and articles will be considered for publication. We charge a non-negotiable publishing fee for these of £70 increasing to £110 if our writers produce the content. The articles have to be considered to be of interest to our readers and have to be high quality.

Please visit our contact page to get started.

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