Revamp a Room with Tiles

Revamp a Room with Tiles

A lick of paint or some pretty wallpaper can all work wonders if your room needs a refresh, but have you considered using tiles to create a wonderful new look? Tiles are actually quite cheap and they are very hard wearing. They are a great material for a wall that gets a lot of wear and marking or somewhere where there is a stain or patch of damp to hide.

Metro Flat White Gloss Tiles
Metro Flat White Gloss Tiles, 33p each at Tons of Tiles

Vintage tiles, gloriously decadent marble, or a feature brick wall will look amazing in your home. Modern tiles are available in a multitude of different styles. Whether you have a traditional living room, a super modern kitchen, or a period hallway – don’t underestimate the power of tiles. You can use tiles on the floor, on the wall, or as a special feature. As we are a huge fan of decorative tiles, here are some great ideas to help you kick-start your next decorative project.

Decorative Hallways

Hallways are high traffic areas. It’s the place to dump shoes, coats and umbrellas. Many people still have carpet in their hallway, but carpet doesn’t do well under pressure. Tiles are a great way to revamp a hallway and create an easy-to-clean surface underfoot.

Arabesque floor tiles are stunningly beautiful. They suit most decorative schemes, but can look especially effective in a period home. Wood effect tiles are a smart look for a modern home. Choose from driftwood, herringbone pattern, or native wood. These days the technology used to create the patterns creates an incredibly realistic wood effect. Or, if you want a super modern look, go for edgy concrete effect tiles.

Continental Living Rooms

Homes on the continent all have tiled floors because tiles are perfect for warmer climates. In the UK, tiles can feel cold underfoot, so most people choose carpet or laminate flooring for their living room. However, both are susceptible to wear and tear and not the best choice if you have pets and children.

Tiles work well for living rooms. Install underfloor heating and your living room will be stylish and warm, plus very easy to clean. Choose from a fantastic selection of different tiles, from pale marble and travertine to mosaic style tiles and wood effect ceramics. You can even mix and match to create separate areas within the same room. Patchwork tiles or Moroccan tiles can be combined with plain tiles for maximum effect.

Eton Terrace Floor Tiles
Eton Terrace Floor Tiles, (£5.27 each at Tons of Tiles)

Feature Walls

Use brick effect tiles to create a fabulous feature wall in your living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom. Rustic brick effect tiles will give your room an industrial theme. Lay tiles in a traditional brick pattern, or try a herringbone effect for the ‘wow’ factor. Brick effect tiles are great for walls and so easy to fit you should have no problem completing your project in a weekend.

Modern Bathrooms

Is your bathroom looking a bit dated? No problem! Instead of replacing a serviceable bathroom suite, replace the tiles. Ditch the 80s patterned tiles and fit some decadent travertine or marble tiles. Use mosaic tiles to create a beautiful feature border and finish off with a few smart accessories. Your bathroom will look as good as new. If you need some inspiration, why not check out some of the new design trends for 2017 in your next DIY project.

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