Review: STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers

Review: STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers

We were sent a set of STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers for review. What follows is our honest review of the product.

What Are They?

STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers are a bit like book ends for your boot. They are L-shaped and use VELCRO® Brand Technology on their base to securely fix them to the carpet of your boot. The idea is that you can reposition the supports to secure pretty much anything. If you only have a couple of bags of shopping or two bottles of wine to transport in your cavernous boot then these come in real handy! They come with a couple of different straps to help secure items too. The straps can be used to strap bottles, plant pots or other small items directly to the STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers to provide the best security for delicate items – see below.

STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers with straps
STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers with straps

Our Review

The Stayhold™ System
The Stayhold™ System

We got a couple of bloggers to test the STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers. One lives in the countryside with two large dogs and the other lives in a town with two kids. What follows is a summary of their findings.

Dog Owner: I have been moaning to my husband for years about the lack of boot organisers. Cars come fully loaded with every conceivable gadget but lack a simple boot organisation system. Most cars don’t even have places you can secure a bungee rope! As I have two large dogs I have an SUV with a large boot and I can fold down the back seats to create a single hanger-like space. However, if I put two dogs in the boot I don’t have anywhere for my shopping to go! If I leave the dogs at home to do a bit of shopping my three or four carrier bags go in the boot and then proceed to empty themselves and roll all over the place during my trip home. Hence the moaning to my husband. I couldn’t believe my luck when STAYHOLD™ sent me these bad boys to try out. They are very high quality and sturdy, however, I was concerned that the VELCRO® Brand hooks wouldn’t stick firmly to my filthy boot. Not only is there a thick layer of several years worth of dirt there is also a heavy ‘garnish’ of dog hair. However, the VELCRO® Brand technology stuck like magic to the carpet.

Handy Straps
Handy Straps!

For me, it was brilliant because I could secure my shopping to the left-hand side of the boot and one of the dogs could inhabit the other half with no risk of being pelted by a flying can of tomatoes. We’ve also managed to use the stayhold organisers to stop a dog cage from moving in the boot!

Working Mum: I also loved these gadgets. I transport rubbish bags, sports equipment, cakes, shopping, laptops, paperwork…….You get the picture. I never know what I am going to be carrying from one day to the next. I have at times filled my boot with a complex arrangement of stacking boxes which then have to be removed and stored when you transport anything large. The STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers are small anyway but they stack together and take up no space. They also require no planning to use as they live in the car stacked out of the way until you need to use them. It only takes about 30 seconds to separate and stick them into place. You need another minute if you are going to use the straps. I was concerned that they might wreck the carpet of my boot however even after a week’s constant use and lots of repositioning I couldn’t see any damage. They were great, I could keep rubbish bags away from my work stuff and protect the kid’s sports equipment from heavy shopping bags. For me, the most fantastic application was for a dinner party. It was one of those bring a course nights and I always get asked for my cheesecake (because I am a cheesecake god). There has never been a safe way to transport it so it has been sat on my knee often putting grease marks on my dress. As my hands are occupied the two bottles of wine I am also taking, roll around on the carpet collecting fluff and dirt – nice!. However, that is all now in the past. I used the STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers to fix my cake tin to the back right of my boot and their delightfully easy to use straps to fix my wine to them. How fantastic.


They are sturdy high-quality items that really do the job. They stuck firmly to even the dirtiest most dog hair covered carpet. However, they were very easy to lift up and move around the boot. They didn’t move during transit even on rough farm tracks or on firm braking. They were incredibly helpful and frankly we don’t know how we managed without them. The only downside is that we now fighting over who gets to keep them – we might have to agree to some sort of shared custody deal!

Cost and Where to Buy

STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers are available at and in-store and online at Amazon, Bunnings Warehouse, Homebase and Robert Dyas.

Products and prices:
• STAYHOLD™ Superpack (includes one large and two small cargo organiser panels, plus STAYHOLD™ straps) – £24.99
• STAYHOLD™ Cargo Organisers – £4.99 – £8.99
• STAYHOLD™ Utility Straps – £3.99 – £4.99

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