Transform Your Front Garden

Transform Your Front Garden

If you’re like many of your neighbours, your front garden may be neglected. While UK homeowners once took pride in maintaining a lush front garden, many have decided to transform the space into a parking area instead.

However, these gardens are making a comeback. There are plenty of people who will have the know-how to transform your front garden and if you choose the right one, they will also have great ideas for small front gardens. If you are reasonably fit and have some free time you can make this a good DIY project that will boost the curb appeal of your home.

Create a combo design

Off road parking is important for many homeowners, and there’s no reason to give up your parking space if you want a garden. You can have the best of both worlds. Consider planting a ground cover, like creeping thyme or big root geranium, in a geometric shape.

You can easily park your car over the green without needing to lay concrete. Add a few evergreen bushes to the borders and you’ll have both a functional parkway and a green garden.

Match your garden to your home

There’s nothing more beautiful than a garden that complements a home’s exterior. Choose colours that don’t clash with the paint or trim. For example, evergreen plants look striking against red brick. Bold colours like orange and red create the perfect pop against a white background.

Make sure the different plants you select go well together. Don’t worry about keeping your garden pruned perfectly. An overflowing bush against your fence will add the perfect texture and colour to your small garden.

Save space and go vertical

Some of the best ideas for small front gardens are unconventional. If you’re limited on space or still want to add a parkway, consider growing a vertical garden instead. This is one of the best ways to make good use of a small area.

Trees used perfectly in a small front garden

Climbing plants are the perfect choice for a vertical design. Add depth with layers of greenery and blooms. Choose a selection of annuals and perennials to ensure your front garden looks beautiful all year round.

Don’t forget about trees

Trees are beautiful and they play a vital role in the environment. To create a front garden that really stands out, plant a small tree. If you plant a fruit tree, you’ll not only get to view the lovely flowering blossoms, but you can also taste the fresh fruits. Flowering dogwoods grow vertically, which is ideal if you have limited space. Even a pruned magnolia will add much-needed colour to a smaller front garden.

Easy-to-maintain evergreen shrubs

Some homeowners worry about maintaining a garden that is always on display. If you need something that requires little to no hands-on work, consider planting evergreen shrubs. Line the borders of your parkway and walkway with these perennials.

Besides keeping them watered, you’ll only need to prune them seasonally. These bushes will provide you with a boost of green and can survive even harsh weather conditions.

Go colourful with flowers

One of the best ideas for small front gardens is to add more colour. Flowering bushes are the perfect addition to any garden. Not only do they provide depth, but they also bloom each season. While rosebushes are always a favourite, you can think outside the box.

Consider adding hydrangeas or lilacs. Not only will they catch the eye of anyone who passes by, but flowers will also provide your garden with an aromatic scent.

Beautiful Hydrangea Shrubs

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