How To Wire A Plug

How To Wire A Plug

There will be a single power cable that leaves each of your electrical appliances and ends with a plug. This cable is actually composed of three separate wires individually wrapped in a different coloured plastic. These three inner wires are then tightly wrapped together inside a single white or black plastic insulating cable.

Each of the three individual cables has to be fixed to specific places inside the plug, see the diagram to the left.

To help you remember where each coloured wire should go think about the second letter of each of the colours;
blue goes left, brown goes right and striped goes to the top.

Instructional Video

The video below shows you how to prepare the wires for connection into the plug, where and how to connect the wires and what to check. It also covers how to choose a fuse and fit one.

The trickiest step is stripping off the plastic coating from the inner wires. This is easy if you buy a tool designed specifically for the job. If you don’t have one you have to use scissors, a knife or pliers to gently cut off the plastic without cutting the copper wire. If it goes horribly wrong and you cut through the wire as well as the plastic just bare a bit more of the inner cables and have another go.

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