Build a Roof Terrace

A roof terrace is a great way to add value and space to your home. More people than ever are living in urban settings with the shortage of ample space being a major concern. Home owners are turning their heads to the sky to solve this cramped issue by building roof terraces to their homes. To a casual passer-by they may never know that your home harbours its very own secret area, concealed from all those walking below. Whether you a want a peaceful retreat, or a trendy hot-spot to entertain, a well-made roof terrace nestled to your home requires planning and research.

Have you the space?

Unfortunately we are yet to find a solution that allows you to build a roof terrace on just thin air. Until then you will first have to assess the potential space available to you. This existing space must be reinforced to be load bearing with a window, or space that can be changed into a door to access your roof terrace.

Do I need a flat rooftop to build a roof terrace?

A flat roof does make for an easier and cheaper project; however, this is not to say that a sloped surface cannot be converted into a roof terrace. If your roof is pitched, you still have alternative options. A flat surface can be constructed by creating an outside wall built up to create a flat service, or an ‘inverted dormer’ – this is where you remove part of the roof.

Do I need planning permission?

Planning permission is not always required for all roof terrace projects; this often comes down to privacy issues. If your potential roof terrace overlooks other properties or it requires substantial building work such as stair cases or additional boundaries then it is recommended that you seek professional advice.

How much will a roof terrace cost?

There are a number of factors that will determine the final price of your project. These include the condition of your current roof space and the size that you want your terrace to be. Roof terraces can range from £7,000 to £50,000, however, it is worth noting that when selling a house a roof terrace will increase the value of your home by 10-20% making it a worthwhile investment.

Time to decorate your new space

You will want to make your new space as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Make sure you select lightweight outdoor furniture that are resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. Cane Furniture is an ideal choice. Roof terraces make ideal green space, giving you the opportunity have you own urban garden nestled in a concrete jungle. Pot plants provide perfect conditions for growing flowers and herbs. As well offering extra space, a roof terrace can provide greater insulation which can reduce your over all utility bills as well as helping to lower pollution.

A roof terrace can be built to whatever your personal tastes may be. Always seek professional advice from a designer before starting any project of this scale. With the right planning and research you can soon be enjoying your new outdoor space, hidden high above the outside world.

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