Modernise Your Home

Modernise Your Home

If your home feels small and cramped, or like most of us, you constantly seem to need more space, you might dream of a huge renovation and create the perfect open-plan living space. Unfortunately, this is not a feasible option for the majority of us, as it is expensive, time consuming and incredibly disruptive. Luckily, there are a lot ways you can modernise and open-up your home, even on the smallest budget. Before you settle for what you have, here are some clever tricks and tips to update your interior.

Make Your Decor Flow

Unless you favour a minimalist, clean white look, or live in a rented property that is painted magnolia throughout, every room in your home is probably decorated in a different colour. While it is fun to express your personality and experiment with colour, having an array of dark or vibrant colours can also separate your home and make it feel smaller. Instead, aim to decorate in similar tones and colours to create a flowing living space with blurred borders.

Use Lots of Glass

A lot of modern airy builds make use of glass, particularly by installing huge wall-sized windows. While tearing down a brick wall and replacing with glass is probably not ideal, there are other things you can do with glass. You could enhance your windows with light and bright fabrics, remove heavy or flouncy blinds and pelmets, replace your wooden internal doors with safety glass options, or make your hallway feel bigger by opening up your stairs with glass balustrades. Other tricks include moving large pieces of furniture away from windows to areas where they won’t block incoming light and removing excessive plants and clutter. A few carefully chosen decorative items will be better than a room loaded with them. You don;t have to throw any away. Pack them up and you can periodically replace the decorative items you have on display. Choose colour or other themes to instantly refresh your decor!

Illusion of Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the best tools you can use to modernise and enlarge because if used correctly, mirrors can give the illusion of more space. To get the most from your mirrors, hang them opposite windows to reflect natural light, place in alcoves to open up small spaces around a fireplace, create a mirror wall the length of your galley kitchen to make it feel twice as big, or install floor-to-ceiling options in a dingy hallway.

Streamline Your Storage

Having enough storage is a constant battle for many of us, but choosing the wrong type of storage can make your home feel smaller. To modernise and open up your home, try to choose storage that makes use of vertical space, rather than taking up limited floor space. It is essential that you are using every scrap of space available. Narrow halls can be lined with slim shoe stores, hangers for coats and book shelves. Don’t neglect small nooks like under the stairs – turn your stairs into concealed cupboards and drawers. In your bedroom, turn your alcoves into built-in wardrobes and make sure under bed space is used by buying stacking boxes with wheels which easily slide under the bed. If you have a large area of general shelving it can look messy, which in turn, makes a room feel smaller. Consider adding a sleek door or fabric covering to hide the mess and make the room appear lighter and cleaner. Matching the covering/door colour to the walls will maximise the feeling of space.

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